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Please feel free to use any of the images for your own personal use, for desktop "wallpaper" etc, but do not pass them on to anyone else, modify them in any way, or reproduce any derivative work created from them. Permission is not given here for the use of any image on commercial web sites.
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The images must not be posted to binary newsgroups, blogs, etc.

Any image on a web site is the copyright of the person who created it, even if it is not obvious who that person is.

Sadly, due to a small number of people who have chosen to ignore the above, I have reluctantly had to apply my name and copyright logo to the photos. This is something I hoped not to have to do, but unfortunately it has been forced upon me. (All official users of my photographs now also use copies which incorporate this information).

If you are unsure of how the laws of copyright apply to the internet
click here for Brad Templeton's '10 big myths about copyright explained'.

Non commercial web use:

If you have a non commercial web site, you may use up to 10 of my photographs subject to certain conditions. Click here for full details.


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