'Behind the scenes'

"The term 'rest day', when applied to the Tour de France is something of a misnomer. There is often a long transfer by air or train, and even if there isn't, the day is not spent relaxing by a hotel swimming pool.
The riders will usually go out for a long training ride, and for the mechanics, there is always one more bike to clean, or pair of wheels to be built.

Most of the photos below were taken during the 'rest day' of the 1996 Tour de France at Gap.

Neil Stephens chats to the fans after returning from a morning training ride.

Chris Boardman being interviewed (in French), before the start of a stage.

Jesus Montoya sweating profusely as he rides a turbo trainer in his hotel car park.

Alex Zulle prepares to ride the turbo trainer. Note the amount of clothing, despite the hot day.

Berzin's mountain time trial bike. Max Sciandri's bike gets a wash.
Miguel Indurain leaves the Champs Elysees shortly after winning his first Tour de France in 1991.

More Behind the Scenes photos. (Tour de France 1992 & 1994)

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All photos Dave Lawrance.